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Windshield Wiper Arm, Blade, and Related Components

Windshield wiper arms, blades, and related components are essential parts of a vehicle's windshield wiper system. The wiper arm is the metal arm that extends from the motor and holds the wiper blade. The wiper blade is the rubber or silicone strip that contacts the windshield and wipes away rain, snow, or debris. The related components include the wiper linkage, which connects the wiper motor to the wiper arm, and the wiper refill, which is the replaceable rubber or silicone strip that is inserted into the wiper blade. When replacing windshield wiper arms, blades, and related components, it is important to choose parts that are designed to fit the specific make and model of the vehicle. This ensures that the parts will fit properly and function as intended. Parts can be found at automotive parts stores, online retailers, and through the vehicle manufacturer.

It is recommended to replace wiper blades every six to twelve months, depending on the climate and frequency of use.