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Electrical, Lighting and Body

Electrical, lighting, and body components are all critical aspects of a car's overall functionality and appearance. Electrical components are responsible for providing power to various systems throughout the car, including the engine, lights, and entertainment systems. These components include the battery, alternator, starter motor, and wiring harnesses. The battery provides the initial power needed to start the car, while the alternator generates electricity to keep the battery charged and power the car's electrical systems. The starter motor is responsible for turning over the engine, while the wiring harnesses connect all of the electrical components together. Lighting components are responsible for providing illumination both inside and outside of the car. These components include the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and interior lights. Headlights provide illumination for the driver and are necessary for safe operation of the vehicle at night or in low-light conditions. Taillights and turn signals provide visibility to other drivers, indicating when the car is braking, turning, or reversing. Interior lights provide illumination for the driver and passengers, making it easier to see inside the car at night.